Dear all,

I wish to run a game in English at the next meeting, in January.

It is a dark-ish high fantasy game set in my homebrew world. The system will be Mythras (aka rolemaster 6). It's a d100 (roll under) point-buy based system. The game is a one-shot that I wrote, which I intend to publish. The adventure should take between 4 and 5 hours to complete.

Here is the premise of the game.

Adventure Synopsis

About once a generation, the God King accepts petitioners from around the Sol Theocracy. Chosen individuals are guided from the Capitol to the summit of Mount Sol, where his Temple-Throne is built. There, they must pass through a series of trials designed to test their mental, physical, and psychological capabilities. Only the worthy have the privilege of speaking directly to the God King.

Lore Text: The Sol Theocracy

The Sol Theocracy is a religious expansionist empire that, at its height, ruled over most of the known world. It was created and has been ruled since by the God King, Sol. However, an aloof God with little interest in governing, the Empire is divided into many states, ruled by noble governors. The Solar Ecclesiarchy is the chief religious organization that the states answer to. The competition for the favor of the Ecclesiarchy, which is the main (But not final) arbiter in national political matters, ensures that the governors do not cooperate to overthrow the God King.

The Theocracy is a vast empire with many cultural hues. Core Solari states have a heavily inspired greco-roman aesthetic. Although there are various ethnicities and races within the Theocracy, after a few generations of worship, they begin to take on some common features. Most Solari will have hair color ranging from auburn to more fiery hues, and lighter eye colors. They also gain blessings of Sol, which commonly take the form of simple cantrips of fire and light. Solari society places a lot of value on piety and familial connection, and rejection of heretical and barbarian cultures.

Character Creation

Ideally, the game is designed for 4-5 people. I have pregens and dice available for everyone. However, if you wish to create your own character (or have me create one for you), that's also fine. What I'll need is a brief on the PC, and most importantly: Why do they want to meet the God King, Sol? And what did they do to earn that chance?